Ultra-Lock’ Collapsible Safety Travel Wire Folding Pet Car Seat Carrier – Orange


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The Pet Life ‘Ultra-Lock’ Wire-Folding Collapsible Dog Car Seat and Multi-Purposeful Convertible Dog Carrier features a Built-In Leash or Harness Holder so that your pet wont move out of it. It is made of High-Grade Tough Nylon Fabrics preventing it from damage. It has a Front Nylon Velcro Pouch, Dual Sided Nylon Pouch and Mesh Bottle Holder. This Dog Car Seat Carrier features a Zippered Mesh Sunroof and both sides of this Pet Car Seat sport Buckles that are designed to connect to any Nylon Car Seat straps to securely wrap around and keep your pet safe. Additionally, this Dog Car Seat Zips Open from front to back. The collapsible PVC inner bars included within the carrier lets you collapse and fold it to 2 inches narrow. These car seats surely play a role in preventing any injuries that may occur during travel. The carrier comes with a strong Nylon case for storage and transportation.

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